Purplebricks review by Purple, "I think I lost 10k because of your incompetence" (2023)

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April 18, 2019


April 18, 2019

Filial: Solihull, Suite 7 Primer piso, Cranmore Place, Cranmore Drive
Services: Sales (as supplier)
Asking price: £350,000
Would you recommend?: No
Zip code: TF2

Filial: Solihull, Suite 7 Primer piso, Cranmore Place, Cranmore Drive
Sales (as seller)
Asking price: £350,000
Zip code: TF2

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I decided to sell my house and foolishly fell for the commission-free ad that cost me dearly.

I contacted Purple Bricks and Craig Tokley came to see me. He was friendly and looking back I was a fool to listen. He had a point of sale and that was savings, which we all want, but I never got it.
However, he had no idea how much my house was worth and asked me to appraise it, the cost of using his lawyers had gone up 50% when I informed them and the ad was so unimaginative it was a joke. My partner and I rewrote the main part, but it wasn't as good as a real estate agent would write.

Before instructing Purple Bricks I asked for a second opinion to get my price correct as Craig didn't know how to quote it and for the amount he first gave and then increased by £25k during a phone call and then this second The estate agent who hopefully I would have told him to have valued it at an additional £25,000. The original price for it was £50,000.

Anyway, I instructed Purple Bricks. So I started to see why they charge less. They don't do anything after the instruction, they don't vet potential buyers, and since they get a flat fee, they're only interested in the sale. They don't care how much they pay you as they get paid the same. They are a joke, but none of that is the worst. This happened when I received an offer for my house.

Craig seemed to have regular vacations as on many occasions I was told to contact a vile woman named Rachel Mcintosh. Since Craig was back on vacation when the offer came in, he had to talk to Rachel. This offer came from a couple who were not interested in making an offer for another 3 months, but they liked my house so much that they accepted it. They made a respectable but cheeky offer. The site asked me if I wanted to market it professionally (what an insult to professionals) and I said yes.
Rachel contacted me to ask me the lowest price I was willing to pay. I told her £15,000 below the asking price thinking she had a stock to work with and she didn't need to keep contacting me while they traded stocks. No, the idiot went straight to the buyer and told him my lowest price. The buyer then offers 10k less than my lowest price. I got to see this on the site called Rachel and she said that's how she does business so she'll call the buyer and say she misses it but she said I didn't miss it because that's how I do business. But she went to the buyer and raised my price by 10k. It was shocking and embarrassing. Long story short, I ended up excluding 5k below my lowest price. So yes, I saved about £2k in estate agents fees, but my house was worth £10k or more than I sold it for.

My partner reached out to Rachel because even though the buyer hadn't shown they had the funds in place, the house was taken off the market. Rachel just lied to him about the conversations we had and never had. She claimed to have made me happy. He asked her to explain her negotiation technique, which she was unable to do. She would have a little respect for her if she had been honest, but with her lies I have less than zero. But I think the truth is, because she said I was a client of Craigs, she wasn't getting paid to help me, so I lost £10K, and now I'm contacting the ombudsman to appeal.

But this is not the end. You call the Purple Bricks help center because Craigs is on vacation and they are useless. They are rude and don't call back. They lie to you and best of all they send all their buyers bank statements and any other financial records they have so I can rate the buyer. When you highlight the dangerous position they have put buyers and their families in, they say they need to submit this data. They have no idea so I have also reported them to the buyer's financial adviser, buyer and GDPR for data protection.

I have talked to people at the top of this company and they are clueless.

So save much more than the commission agents and treat the professionals who will sell your house for the best price and it will look much better.

Comment on agent fees

It cost me much more than I should have saved

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Por: Ian White

04 November 2022

Totally incompetent and not worth the fees. His agents are clueless and every piece of advice they have come up with has been a disaster. Avoid at all costs

City: Bjorn again

October 21, 2022

"for incompetence"

Says a lot about the competition.

'there are lawyers'

This is serious?

By: Martin Mq

November 11, 2021

Absolutely useless company scammers, just jump on the right bandwagon, don't waste your time or money, one year NO sales, 7 days with local agent SOLD, they lie, don't do anything they say, so called complaints assessors are rude and unprofessional the ombudsmen completely failed them with my case and gave me maximum compensation and even said i shouldn't pay them anything, THEY DO NOTHING, USE OR WASTE THEIR TIME

By: Martin

October 14, 2021

Never in my life have I come across such bad service. In one word; liars.

Por: Craig Reid

September 28, 2021

Of course, the real key to the value of any property is the price in the home report or survey, which seems to be missing from the top. An agent can ask for any price, but a creditor will be limited by the Appraisal.

By: Joanne Burton

06 September 2021

Don't use purple bricks. Waste of time.
We had to retake our own photos, write our own key features, correct the address and then no contact from them from then on.
Once they sign up their commission is guaranteed and they don't give a shit after that.
They can't even guess the value of your home. Complete joke of a company.

By: Tareq Ahmed-Moneeb

julio 07, 2021

What a waste of money, I couldn't sell it in 3 months. She trained a local agent and sold on sight. We were impressed by the most thorough tester, but the preview agent didn't know what day of the week it was. Some did not know that we would accept an offer, 3 months later we found out. Absolute rubbish, H/O said most don't take offers. I was a real estate agent for 3 years and have never met a seller who didn't. They are criminals DO NOT USE

By: Vida Mont

June 07, 2021

Thanks to a professional agent at Purple Bricks, I was able to close the sale on my house despite EVERY buyer making a full offer the same day or the next day after seeing it. And even though my house didn't sell, I had to pay almost £3,000. BECAUSE????

Por: Janet Jeffries

May 12, 2021

I currently have my house with purple bricks and I must admit that your service is impressive.

Por: Jon Arwen

May 02, 2021

I am disgusted by Purple's attempts to encourage bidding wars. I formally wrote to the appropriate ombudsman after consulting with a lawyer and reviewing his code of conduct. Heavy fines attract me, he thinks.

By: Simone

April 26, 2021

I had my house on the market with purple bricks, first they took 4 months to re-paint the house because I was not happy, I asked them to come in the summer, they showed up at the end of November. not good. In two years I had 3 people at the door, every two weeks he was with me to lower the price, he kept saying the market around here is slow blah blah no sir purple bricks it's you. I stopped answering his calls and only communicated by text or voice, I have never heard such nonsense in my entire life. I contacted another agent and got offers right away. Unfortunately the purple bricks don't really care about the money they get, it's a business portal I'm sure of. my grandson could build better and it's not user friendly - I've sold purple bricks before and this experience was better, but when I left feedback on my trades the agent got upset and demanded I remove the feedback, which of course I didn't. . But they are not real estate experts, they have no idea what the market is doing or even what your house is worth, you need to price it. I would advise avoiding much better agents who don't have to advertise on TV because the reputation is good - waste of money, houses sell whatever if someone wants it - local agents may cost more but are certainly better.

Por: Elizabeth Davenport

February 08, 2021

A bunch of unprofessional people who encourage bad practices and bidding wars that cost people a lot of money and unnecessary stress.
Disgusting I would not recommend it even to my worst enemy

Por: Leah Keyworth

January 29, 2021

The purple bricks were nice, but the lawyer you had to use was a nightmare. Cook Taylor Woodhouse assigned someone named Jason to do the transfer. Basically in 5 months he hasn't done anything and the buyer has given up. He never called us back; He lied; we blame everyone else, including ourselves. We were told that our transfer would be expedited; however, 4 weeks later, the buyer still had nothing from these lawyers! He gave up and was actually buying another house when we finally found out that he had given up! Guess what happens when you don't communicate with the other lawyer or even with ourselves. This guy is incompetent and should not be working in this field. If he did this to us; How many other people did it too and lost people and thousands of the company. A letter of complaint has been sent and consideration is being given to contacting the Legal Ombudsman about it.

By: Angela

January 07, 2021

I had a very bad experience with the agency that sells purple bricks. He was going to buy a house he ran into them that failed! I always had to chase them but got nothing for almost 4 months and my agent had to contact the seller and they said they would no longer do this sale. Once again, during this period, we haven't heard from your agency, Purple Bricks! Awful!!!!!


December 21, 2020


Por: Craig Birch

October 17, 2020

I made an offer on a property which was accepted on 21st June 2020, the client who sold the property said Purple Bricks insisted the seller would have to go through there, recommended solicitor Birchallblackpburn.co.uk, my solicitor again requested information 4 weeks ago and still have not received anything, after 17 weeks I withdraw my offer considering Purple Bricks incompetent in selling houses.

Por: Jon

September 17, 2020

I am purchasing a property that Purple Brick's is selling; there has been nothing but problems from the time the lawyers/carriers got involved; the seller and report back. to make matters worse my seller was buying a purple brick property meaning the chain of communication didn't exist for the legal aspect of the transaction, i spent days chasing paperwork to allow the sale to go ahead and as a final insult and blow up my sellers transporter seller does not respond to trade request - calls go to voicemail if you can get them to tell you they are busy today to continue -
Don't use purple bricks or online shipping companies / don't buy from people who sell purple bricks unless you want trouble

Por: natalie mcdermott

September 15, 2020

I have been in the same position since we foolishly signed up for your website in May 2020. Your salesperson was incompetent and gave bad advice. The website is misleading and like everyone else here we couldn't get a hold of anyone - they never return calls or update the portal. They have only responded since I made an official complaint. We have now reached the point where they will soon be seeking their "deferred payment" and I feel they will have to sue me and let the Court decide. Purplebricks have been reported many times and are known to TPOS, who, by the way, were quoted in 2017 as being "happy" with their deferred payment scheme following an investigation by BBC Watchdog, which is quite worrying for anyone considering reporting them. to POS. I have been told my TPOS that they are "unbiased" but since they are not regulators there is little they can do other than investigate and decide if there are issues with the service (or in my case, lack thereof!) Were they successful in not pay your fees? I was so stressed that I even offered them a full and final £1300 which they refused. I was offered a £150 reduction (kidding) and a free ad on Rightmove (or similar). So we are at a dead end. I just don't want anything to do with them. They mislead people with their ads (which recently had to change due to ASA's involvement) and by their inexperienced and incompetent "sales" agents who you can't contact after clicking to accept the T&Cs. Aid!!!

By: Nicky

August 26, 2020

Absolutely horrible bunch of lazy liars.
Currently going through this right now. You're basically paying to advertise in the right car and that's it. They do nothing for you. It cost me a lot of money not to follow up on anything. It was then assigned to Premier's terrible property solicitors (don't poke them with a stick) who at the end of the process informed us that they couldn't really act for us on a small property purchase...so they didn't deliver half . the paperwork to the new attorney.
I do not recommend PB to anyone. You get what you pay for.
Pay a little more and we hope you get a real estate agent who really does something for your money. However, I have to say that the other estate agents in the chain that I felt were equally unhelpful and guilty of everything going downhill last time.

But: Steve Jackson

July 10, 2020

I feel sorry for anyone who uses PurpleBricks. Yes, you save money on advertising, but how much money are you leaving on the table? I made an offer on a house and was told that someone would be in touch to negotiate. Since he had nothing to sell, he was in a good position. No one did though, sold and was willing to pay £5k to ask but never got back to me.

Por: Krishna Gurung

July 09, 2020

I brought a purple brick house to Basingstoke. I have the worst home buying experience. I paid 252,500 for the house.

The house I paid for. It was worth it. There are problems. As soon as you buy. Water was dripping from the roof of the converter. The windows are moldy.

I will recommend not buying from purple bricks.

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Purplebricks review by Purple, "I think I lost 10k because of your incompetence" (1)

Por: Shelley

May 29, 2020

Totally agree, they are terrible. I can't reach the agent and they sent a visor within the first 3 weeks and that was it! Without communication. It's been over a year and now they are looking for a payment to make an ad and send a viewer! Awful! don't go with them!! Can anyone tell me how to go to onbudsman? I am furious at this so-called company!

By: A S

June 03, 2019

Similar to the previous experience, I am stuck. I spoke to the regional director who didn't have much to say. They think we're stupid... outrageous!

Por: Sally Hobson

May 17, 2019

The same thing happened to me, at no time did the seller tell me it is NOT a sale without fees, I thought they worked like any other real estate agent. And at no time did they tell me that he was entering into a credit agreement! I did not pay and I will not pay, I will take this to the end! As well as taking some photos, printing a house brochure and listing my house on Rightmove/Zoopla, and I had to chase the woman down to do it! After that he never contacted me again for 4 months, no previews and no contact from the agent! I am not paying for a service I did not receive!

Eng: Purple bricks are terrible

May 14, 2019

I wrote this review. Since then I have assisted the ICO with further information about the GDPR breach and have followed the PB complaint procedures in order to contact the ombudsman. As many as possible should contact the ombudsman as with enough complaints they will dig much deeper. It seems obvious to me that the reviews from trusted pilots are fake. Alison, I've been told it's a payment you have to make whether you sell or not. It seems to me that you have been scammed and that is why I complain. Thanks to everyone who read my review. Please don't use them. They have no idea and the set rate means they make the same whether you give away your house or sell it for millions. There is no incentive for them to look for the best for you.

By: Alison

May 08, 2019

I hope they break before I have to pay for them! They told me there were no sales in 10 months, so I didn't have to pay anything! I feel totally cheated. I've only been on the market for 1 week, and I already regret it!! I can't believe there isn't a cooling off period after the announcement is made!

By: Victoria Watson

April 27, 2019

Please send me a contact for you my friend, I am in a similar position, let's fight these bastards...absolute crooks.

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