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In this article

  • Overview of probiotic beads
  • How it works?
  • Manufacturer
  • Ingredients
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • consumer feedback
  • last words

Overview of probiotic beads

As a daily probiotic supplement, people compare probiotic pearls to yogurt. One of the brand's claims is that the pearls are resistant to gastric acid. In this way, the probiotic pearls receive their living cultures directly into your digestive tract.

Probiotic Pearls ist eine Reihe von Produkten: Probiotic Pearls Acidophilus, Probiotic Pearls Immune, Probiotic Pearls Complete, Probiotic Pearls Women's, Probiotic Pearls Adult 50+, Probiotic Pearls Max Potency und Probiotic Pearls Elite.

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Probiotic Pearls Review - Health Web Magazine Bilder

How do probiotic pearls work?

All Probiotic Pearls products contain probiotic strains that benefit both the small and large intestine. Probiotics are living microorganisms that occur naturally in the human gut. They are also good bacteria as they help prevent various types of diseases.

In the gut, probiotic strains can help maintain digestive balance and gut health, boost immunity, and occasionally ward off gas, bloating, and constipation.

Probiotic Pearls is also a three-layer softgel supplement that can protect probiotics from heat, moisture, and stomach acid. This feature can increase the chances of the supplement reaching your intestines.

Who is the manufacturer of probiotic beads?

The US company originally manufactured Enzymatic Therapy Probiotic Pearls. However, in 2008, Enzymatic Therapy decided to sell the company. Enzyme therapy products, including probiotic beads, are now under the Nature's Way company.

In 1968, Tom Murdock founded Nature's Way in hopes of improving his wife's health. After trying conventional medicine, he turned to traditional Native American practices and used natural ingredients to support his wife's health.

What are the ingredients in probiotic pearls?

Here are the main ingredients of probiotic pearls:

Lactobacillus acidophilus– L. acidophilus, a type of probiotic bacteria, is found naturally in the human body and in other fermented foods like miso and sauerkraut. This type of bacteria can also help break down sugar in your digestive system.

To searchshows that taking probiotics helps improve the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, which can help with digestion and boost your immune system.

Bifidobacterium longum- A type of bacteria found in your gastrointestinal tract. B. longum breaks down sugars in the gut and turns them into lactic acid. Some studies indicate that B. longum helps stop constipation, counteracts high cholesterol, decreases intestinal inflammation, and relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).[1].

Bifidobacterium lactis- Sea aStudy 2015, B. lactis is a probiotic strain that may increase gastrointestinal symptoms and alter gut hypersensitivity. Many researchers also believe that B. lactis may boost gut function and immunity.

Lactobacillus plants– Lactobacillus plantarum is a strain of probiotic bacteria that stimulates the digestive system to fight disease-causing bacteria and prevent health problems. On one2012 clinical study, Lactobacillus plantarum has shown its benefits in relieving pain and swelling during IBS.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus– L. rhamnosus is a well-known probiotic strain that can resist acid and bile while growing on the intestinal walls. As a result, it remains in the human intestine longer than other Lactobacillus strains. According to a study by the BMJ[2], L. rhamnosus helps reduce the risk of diarrhea and IBS symptoms.

What Are the Benefits of Probiotic Pearls?

  • Pearls probiotic products can help with symptoms of gas, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and constipation, among others.
  • Branded supplements do not need to be refrigerated.
  • The supplements have seven different formulations.
  • The probiotic beads are only 0.25 inch in size.
  • The brand has designed the supplements to resist stomach acid.

What are the disadvantages of probiotic pearls?

  • Some Probiotic Pearls products contain ingredients such as fish gelatin (tilapia) and soy lecithin. People with soy, nut, or fish allergies may experience a reaction.
  • The Nature's Way website does not list any clinical trials/studies proving the effectiveness of probiotic beads.

FAQ: Questions and answers from consumers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers online commonly ask the following questions regarding probiotic beads.

Yes, Probiotic Pearls is safe. In limited quantities, the individual ingredients in Probiotic Pearls products are harmless. Before trying Probiotic Pearls, however, it's important to consult your doctor first.

For all Probiotic Pearls products, the brand recommends the daily intake of a soft gel. You can take it with or without food, but do not chew or crush the supplement. If you are taking other medications, consult your doctor before use.

Nature's Way offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee where you can request a refund or product replacement within 45 days of purchase. Your purchase of probiotic beads must be from an authorized seller in the United States to qualify for the refund policy.

Compared to other probiotic supplements, Probiotic Pearls softgels have three layers designed to protect the probiotics from the acidic environment of the stomach. This property can allow the supplement to reach your intestines without harming the bacteria. Most Probiotic Pearls reviews state that the product has helped them relieve constipation and bloating. People also commented how much they liked the small size of the product.

There are no known side effects when taking Probiotic Pearls. However, as with most dietary supplements, your reaction to Probiotic Pearls may be different from other people who are also taking it.

Probiotic Pearls contain essential ingredients that have proven their effectiveness in supporting gut health. It's a supplement worth trying if you're prone to upset stomach or IBS symptoms.

What do consumers say about probiotic pearls?

majorityPearl Probiotics ReviewsI highly recommend this product as it has helped them keep their bowel movements regular and avoided stomach ache. Customers also like the pearl size because you can take it without water.

Every cell and tissue in your body and your main detoxification organ, the liver, depend on your colon. The large intestine processes waste and bacteria in preparation for elimination from the body. Colon cleansers should be identified for: their potential to cleanse the colon of harmful waste and toxins, their potential to promote better digestion and increase elimination, their potential to promote better* immune system function, their potential to promote higher provide a level of energy*. The quality of the ingredients must be proven by clinical research.

Below are what we believe to be some of the most effective colon cleansing supplements currently on the market.

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (3) Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (4)

Our main products

try now

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (5) Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (6) Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (7)

  • Effectively eliminates toxins

  • Relieves constipation and bloating

  • Improves gut health

  • ingredient quality

  • customer satisfaction


  • On a quest91% of usershad a significant reduction in theirbloating and indigestionin the first28 dia
  • 91% of userstry areducing constipation
  • 82% of userswith experiencehealthier digestion
  • 73% of usersexperienced aReducing gas and bloating
  • Promotes fasterweight loss
  • 64% of userswith experiencebetter energy levels
  • improvementnutrient intakeon the body
  • 64% of usersexperienced astronger immune system
  • promotes thegood bacterial growthno gut
  • to reduceskin rashesand brightens the complexion
  • sharpen the mind andeliminates brain fog
  • causesno unpleasant or harmful side effects
  • there is a full one60 days money back guarantee
  • Supported bymain study
  • customers arenot requiredto sign up for an automatic delivery schedule

In contrast

  • The stock is sometimes low due to high consumer demand
  • Koloprilcan only be ordered online


Colopril overcomesall other natural colon cleansing products in many ways,Remove toxins quicklyand accumulation of the colon,increase in regularityto promote the growth of "good" bacteriabetter digestion, and evenPromotion of weight loss!

On a quest91% of userswho kept takingKoloprilreported a significant improvement in colon healthin just 28 daysits use and experienced areducing constipation.82% of users have had experience with it healthier digestion.


Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (9)Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (10)

ÖKoloprilFormula is designed for thatwork effectively and protect the system at the same timeand is packed withIngredients rich in fiber and antioxidantsthat's allstudies supported. Because is100% safe and natural, can be used as often as needed without jeopardizing the well-being of the individual.73% of usersreportedReducing gas and bloating. 64% of users reportexperiencebetter energy levelsIt is astronger immune system.

Colopril has one60 days money back guaranteeand it isShipping in plain packagingto protect consumer privacy. We are confident that everyone withKoloprilorexperience excellent results, and be surprised at the difference of having aGut clean and free of toxinswill do for youGeneral Health.

Colopril customer reviews on the Internet

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (12)

Hear Helen's incredible story

"I noticed a real reduction in gas and bloating and my digestion was much better"

Helen B.,49 years

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (13)

Hear Rick's amazing story

“I started taking Colopril and on the second day I felt like I was 18. Fantastic. Easy entry, easy exit. You can't get anything better."

Rick Martínez

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (14)

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (15)

My energy levels went up and my gas and bloating went down!

Ivy Jones Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (16)

“After giving birth to my son last year, I developed severe constipation. I also felt bloated and gained weight. I've tried many things to solve these problems, including fasting, following crazy diet plans, and using other products. I was so disappointed when nothing worked. Having used Colopril for a little over three months, I am happy to say that the program delivers what it promises. It has worked fantastic for me and I feel a lot better overall. I've lost 30 pounds and my waist is a full five inches smaller. Within days I began to notice the effects of the system. My energy levels went up, my gas and bloating went down and I felt like I used to. **

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (17)

It is important that others know that Colopril really works!

Christina L. Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (18)

"I suffered from stomach problems and frequent constipation for over a decade before trying Colopril. This product finally solved those embarrassing problems. I spent a lot of time researching other colon cleansing products before deciding on Colopril and I have no regrets. Colopril gaining weight improved my energy improved my digestion and gave me a flatter stomach Colopril is easy to use and I was amazed at the amount of "impurities" that came out of my body It's a little embarrassing to talk about these issues , but it's important for other people to know that Colopril really WORKS.**

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (20)


  • Effectively eliminates toxins

  • Relieves constipation and bloating

  • Improves gut health

  • ingredient quality

  • customer satisfaction

Learn more about Viscera-3


  • Has a 1 year full money back guarantee
  • Offers multiple health benefits
  • Contains some clinically proven ingredients

In contrast

  • Ingredient values ​​are not disclosed.
  • This is an expensive brand
  • No free trial available
  • Some consumers have reported side effects


Viscera-3 Digestive Supplement is designed to provide the user with a number of benefits including improved immunity, increased energy and the promotion of overall gut health. Although it lists several clinically proven ingredients in its formula, their individual amounts are not known, so the product's effectiveness cannot be adequately assessed. It should be noted that Viscera-3 is more expensive than similar products of this type, and although the manufacturer offers a lengthy one-year money-back guarantee, full refunds are only given for unopened, unused vials that are returned.

Learn more about Viscera-3

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (21)

#3Intestinal giftung

  • Effectively eliminates toxins

  • Relieves constipation and bloating

  • Improves gut health

  • ingredient quality

  • customer satisfaction

Learn more about colon detoxification


  • There is a money back guarantee
  • The main ingredients are listed
  • Has received positive reviews

In contrast

  • can cause indigestion
  • Not all ingredients are clinically proven
  • May contain fillers
  • Contains a common allergen


Bowel Detox seems to be a fairly common cleansing supplement that can really help improve regularity and reduce bloating. However, not all of the ingredients found in the formula are related to gut health, and some consumers have reported indigestion after ingesting the product. While most products of this type claim to be gentle, it is a laxative, so anyone using Bowel Detox should be aware that they are likely to be going to the bathroom more often, and it is always recommended that they use the toilet before Ingestion consulted his doctor. or any other brand of cleaning additives.

Learn more about colon detoxification

Dietary supplement recommendations are everywhere—in commercials, via social media influencers, and from your neighbors, friends, and family. With so many differing opinions, it can be difficult to know which supplement is right for you. While most quality supplements will undoubtedly offer health benefits, each will work in its own way, so it's important to determine which one will help you achieve your health. Goals. Below is our subjective assessment of Probiotic Pearls based on the information we have and our assessment of its overall effectiveness.

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (22)

probiotic Perlen

  • Effectively eliminates toxins
  • Relieves constipation and bloating
  • Increases the energy level
  • Improves gut health
  • ingredient quality
  • customer satisfaction

General assessment



Kolopril- A better alternative?

Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (23)
Probiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (24)

Effectively eliminates toxins

Relieves constipation and bloating

Increases the energy level

Improves gut health

ingredient quality

customer satisfaction

Koloprilis a powerful colon cleansing supplement thatimproves gut healthand digestive function. OKoloprilall natural,Maximum Strength Formula works fast, but it's friendly to the system. Its powerful blend ofclinically proven ingredientsremovedtoxic deposits in the colonincreasing regularityimprove overall health. On a quest91% of userswith colon have shown health problemsKoloprilbe aeffective, safe and well-tolerated dietary supplementand also reporteda reduction in constipation. 82% of userswith experiencehealthier digestion. 73% of userswith experienceReducing gas and bloating. 64% of users reportexperiencebetter energy levelsea stronger immune systemSystem.You can learn more about itKoloprilNow.

Read more about Colopril nowProbiotic Pearls Reviews – Does It Really Work and Is It Safe to Use? (25)

last word

Probiotic Pearls is a dietary supplement designed to help with symptoms of gas, irritable bowel syndrome, gas and constipation. Pearls are small and designed to resist stomach acid. It also requires no refrigeration. Most of the reviews are positive and confirm the effectiveness of Probiotic Pearls. However, there is a chance that you may be allergic to it. Before trying any dietary supplement, you should first consult your doctor to make sure it is a product that is right for you.

** The above is a subjective evaluation. Our opinion on the effectiveness of the product is based on independent research and information. *Results from using this product may vary. If you have a serious medical condition, have a history of heart problems, are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you speak to your doctor before using this or any other health product and/or dietary supplement. The content provided in Health Web Magazine is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. It is not to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem, and we will not be held responsible for any complications that may arise from its use for any of the above reasons. Any concerns regarding your personal health should be addressed directly by your doctor.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Products listed in the “Our main productsare those that we promote as owners and/or resellers and do not represent all products currently on the market or companies that manufacture such products. This information is disclosed in accordance with Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255 "Guidelines on the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials." We want to clarify that all links in this section are sales links; Whenever a purchase is made through one of these links, we receive compensation.

*Result may vary. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart problems, we recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before using any dietary supplement. The information on this website is for general information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied upon as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using any dietary supplement.

† Based on internal customer survey of subsets of individuals. This is subjective research and should in no way be construed as a clinical study. Results may vary.

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