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How to create a form in WordPress (1)of forms of gravityReleased on October 11, 2021

How to create a form in WordPress (2)

Forms are an essential part of any website. But for many WordPress newbies, the thought of creating a form can be overwhelming. Fortunately, creating a form in WordPress doesn't have to be difficult. With the right plugin, you can easily create a variety of forms for your website.

In fact, you can create a form in WordPress in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a WordPress form plugin.
  2. Instale o plug-in no seu site WordPress.
  3. Create a new form.
  4. Add form fields to your form.
  5. Embed the form on a page or publish it on your website.

In this article, we'll walk you through each of these steps and show you how easy it is to create a form for your WordPress site that's effective and converts. Let's start…

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Choose a WordPress Form Plugin

How to create a form in WordPress (3)

When it comes to WordPress form plugins,forms of gravityit's one of the most popular options among WordPress users - and with a powerful feature set and a reputation for security and reliability, it's easy to see why!

Gravity Forms lets you design a form exactly to your specifications using the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder and a wide variety of formsfeatures and improvements, including conditional logic, multipage forms, quizzes, polls, user registration, and more.

Gravity Forms also integrates with severalThird-party apps and servicesThis allows you to sync your forms with the tools your business already uses. Integrations include email marketing solutions, CRMs, payment processors, and more so you can extend the functionality of your forms as needed.

The types of forms you can create with Gravity Forms include…

  • Simple and advanced contact forms
  • Subscription forms for newsletters
  • Polls, questionnaires and surveys
  • registration forms
  • Payment methods and orders
  • What's more - the only limit is your imagination!

For more information about Gravity Forms and its many features and integrations, check out this article –Gravity Forms: Creating a form has never been easier.

Install a WordPress form plugin on your website

After checking Gravity Forms andchoose the right licenseFor your project needs, purchase and download the plugin. Then you need to install it on your WordPress site.

To do this, open your WordPress dashboard and go toPlugins > Add New > Load. Locate the plugin ZIP file on your computer and click on itInstall > Activate.

How to create a form in WordPress (4)

After installing the plugin, follow the instructions to register the plugin with Gravity Forms.

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More information on installing Gravity Forms can be found hereInitial documentation.

Create a new form

Now that the basics are done, the next step is to create a form. In the WordPress dashboard, go toForms > New Formand then give your new form a name.

How to create a form in WordPress (5)

Once a new form has been created, you will be taken directly to the form builder where you can start creating your form.

Add form fields

The form builder allows you to design your form visually and manage all aspects of how your newly created form will work on the frontend and admin of your WordPress site.

How to create a form in WordPress (6)

To add a field in the form builder, simply drag and drop it from the field list on the right to the form builder screen on the left. Fields are divided into several sections:

  • standard fields- asparagraph text,selection box,radio buttons, Edropdown listFelder.
  • Advanced Fields- asName,E-mail,Telephone, EAddressFelder.
  • post fields– Are useful if you want to create posts from form submissions.
  • price fields- Use them to integrate payment gateways and configure product options.

You can add as many form fields as you like, but you only need a few fields for a simple form. For a contact form, we recommend…

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • paragraph text(rename as comments or questions)
  • consent field(make sure the userconsent for the processing of your data)
  • CAPTCHA(preventSpam Sending)

For more information about the different form fields you can use, seeField type documentation.

After selecting form fields, you can configure the settings for each field, for example B. Customize field labels, create a CSS class to style the form, enableconditional logicfor individual form fields and much more.

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How to create a form in WordPress (7)

You can view the form at any time by clicking onto viewButton. When you're done creating your form, clicksave form.

After creating the form you can go through itform settingsand configureNotificationsEconfirmation messagesto ensure a positive experience for your users after submitting a form.

Embed the form in a page or post

Obviously, creating a form doesn't help much if no one can access it. Don't worry, embedding a form in a WordPress post or page is as easy as creating a form.

In the WordPress admin, navigate to the post or page where you want to place the form. tightenMoreLog in to the block editor and look for Gravity Forms. Underincorporates, Click inForm– This will insert the Gravity Forms block.

Then select the correct form from the drop-down menu to place that form on the page.

How to create a form in WordPress (8)

Finally, save your changes and preview your page to see the form in action.

For more detailed information on this topic and the other methods of embedding a form, see this article -How to: Embed a form in WordPress.

Save time with form templates

As you can see, creating a simple contact form with Gravity Forms is a quick and easy process. However, you don't have to start from scratch every time you need to create a new type of form.

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OGravity Forms template librarycomes with elegant and fully customizable form templates that you can use as a starting point for any project.

To download a template, simply scroll to the bottom of the relevant form template page and clickGet this form template. The form will now download to your computer as a JSON file.

Then go to your WordPress dashboard and click onForms > Import/Export > Import Forms. Locate the form template and pressMatter.

How to create a form in WordPress (9)

This will import the form into your website so you can move on to the next step of editing and customizing the form.

To help you get started with a pre-built form template, check out this article –How to import and customize a simple contact form.

Where do I go from here?

The next logical step is to integrate your form with an email marketing service. Gravity Forms syncs with multiple email marketing platforms and CRMs includingMailchimpEHubSpot.Simply install and connect the appropriate add-on, then automatically send all form submissions to your chosen email marketing tool, where you can organize your leads and engage with your audience in a timely manner.

As your form needs grow, find the wide range ofThe integration of gravity formsinvaluable. Accept payments on your website with Gravity Forms andstripes,PayPal, orAuthorize.Net, to sendUpload form filesForDropbox, or sync your forms with over 2,000 other apps and services through ourZapier Add-on. Whatever your needs, Gravity Forms can handle it!

Still don't have any form of gravity?

If you don't haveforms of gravity, Don't worry. You can still test everything in this article for yourself for free.custom Gravity Forms demoand see why Gravity Forms is the #1 choice for WordPress sites worldwide.

Gravity Forms already sold?Buy our premium WordPress form plugin today!

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How to create a form in WordPress (10)
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How do I create a free form in WordPress? ›

Just install WPForms, then go to WPForms » Add New. Once that's done, just pick the Simple Contact Form template and use the drag and drop form builder to edit the form as you see fit. You can then embed the form directly to any page of your WordPress site using the smart embed tool without any code!

How do I create a form in WordPress without plugins? ›

To add a contact form without a plug-in, you'll need to embed the form into your WordPress site. This involves copying an auto-generated string of code and pasting it into the text editor for your WordPress web page.

Does WordPress have a form builder? ›

Visual Form Builder is a drag-and-drop WordPress contact form builder. It allows you to add form fields with a single click, then lets you drag and drop them to reorder them how you want. Key Features and Benefits: Automatic updates keep your forms running through each WordPress upgrade.

How do I create a fillable form in WordPress? ›

How to Create a Form in WordPress
  1. Choose a WordPress form plugin.
  2. Install the plugin on your WordPress website.
  3. Create a new form.
  4. Add form fields to your form.
  5. Embed the form into a page or post on your website.
Oct 11, 2021

How do I create a fillable PDF in WordPress? ›

How do I make a fillable PDF in WordPress?
  1. Get a WordPress PDF filler plugin.
  2. Get a form builder plugin.
  3. Create your form.
  4. Create your PDF template.
  5. Add a shortcode to your site for download/viewing.
Sep 2, 2022

Is there a free form creator? ›

Google Forms is one of the best free online form builder application that enables you to collect information via the quiz or survey.

Can I use WPForms for free? ›

Is WPForms Free? Yes, if you're using WPForms Lite, the plugin is completely free. And if you want to get extra features, you can pay for an upgraded license of WPForms. The Pro version is a perfect Typeform alternative and can be upgraded at very reasonable pricing to unlock more functionality.

Are there free templates on WordPress? ›

OceanWP is one of the most popular free WordPress themes. It offers 15 free, fully responsive theme demos for all kinds of websites, from personal blogs to eCommerce sites. In addition, seven free extensions expand the theme's functionality with a featured slider, social media icons, and a custom sidebar.


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