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Alright, we definitely got you coveredsomething old, a lot of new stuff ((peepour last, everything is in fashion/new/what's in fashion at RN weddings)), and lately a lotsomething blue, but borrowed is not so obvious. Unless we're talking about wearing Mom's or Grandma's dress... or donating yours after the wedding. That's why today felt like a good time to talk about wedding ceremonies. Why? Couples have been married for thousands of years, and although weddings have become very personal lately, the basic structure/format of a wedding ceremony is essentially the same, in all respects. So, as you can imagine, the text will sound pretty familiar from one wedding to the next, it's the sassiest #borrowed thing there is, really.

In fact, my husband is officiating my sister and future brother-in-law's wedding next month, and he's been thinking carefully about what he's going to say on their big day for at least half a year now. And for the past few months, she's spent whatever free time she has in the evenings exploring sample scripts and finding lines and verbiage that she thinks resonate with her overall style and personality. That's where the loan comes in, very hot. Because there's certainly nothing wrong with a little marriage plagiarism here, at least that's whata practical marriageTell us!

Most couples who marry in a religious ceremony generally respect the preferences of the religious leader and the typical traditions of their place of worship, but when it comes to secular/non-religious weddings, ceremonies can be much larger. In this case, it is up to the newlyweds and selected officiants to outline the service flow strategy. The only essential/requirement is the declaration of intent(i.e. the formal “yes” and the legal acknowledgment that “yes, I want to marry this person and yes, I am here by choice” and the pronouncement, whereby the officiant confirms that the two are officially married. Everything else is an open book [of vows], waiting to be filled with as much or as little sentiment as the couple desires. It's your day!

Since I'm helping my husbandprepare-se and case-semy sister and brother-in-law, I've gathered some thoughts on what makes a super special and successful personalized wedding ceremony (although, don't get too hung up on words, the entire ceremony will be a success, you're getting married - it's a success, no matter what happens). Basically, you too can see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's May wedding ceremony as a modern muse: It was multicultural, included modern/updated vows (with a nod to matching couples at the wedding), and music from an amazing gospel chorus. .

And I've added some sample scripts that you are more than welcome to incorporate into your own wedding days. Thatsite webis fantastic for some stereotypical pointers and this is onegreat wedding script generator! Simply fill in the bride and groom's names, add personalized touches, proofread and print!

Be on the same page.

Examples of Wedding Ceremony Scripts You May Want to Borrow - Weddingchicks % (3)

Whether you and your partner decide to write your ceremony yourself or let your officiant write the script, the important thing here is to be on the same page. This ceremony is about you and your love, so it should be to your liking, completely. My husband knows my sister and brother-in-law almost as well as I do and is committed to making sure the ceremony reflects them as a couple. So, before he even started putting together a sample script, he scheduled a time to sit down with the two and get an idea of ​​what they wanted. None of us wanted to include religious elements (since my sister is Catholic and my brother-in-law is Jewish), they really just wanted a ceremony that spoke about their own love story, included sweet, relatable vows, and who married them without a lot of pomp and fuss. circumstance. Being on the same page with your officiant is crucial to the authenticity of the wedding and your overall comfort level with the ceremony.

Don't spoil the votes.

Examples of Wedding Ceremony Scripts You May Want to Borrow - Weddingchicks % (4)Officiant: Bethel Ceremonies

Not every couple wants to exchange handwritten vows, and that's okay! Personalized votes are certainly no substitute for more traditional votes. That said, if you wantwrite your own vows, it's important that you and your fiancé spend enough time perfecting your prose. They'll make promises to each other, reminisce about the most epic and monumental moments of their relationship (as much as they want to share), and commit to spending their lives together, so their words should be reasonably rehearsed. Know that your vows are really for the two of you, so you don't have to feel pressured to attract either guest. However, being in tune with your officiant, you should have a game plan for how much time to spend on each part of your ceremony, and together, agree on an appropriate amount of time for your exchange of vows.

Programs have a purpose.

We repeat again: weddings have a very familiar format, from one to the other, in the sense that they all usually have a procession, welcome, readings or some kind of anecdote/speech/sermon, vows, exchange of rings, pronouncement, first kiss and recession. But beyond that, they can be as personalized as possible. That's why wedding shows aren't just for show, they serve a purpose, especially if the bride and groom are performing a religious ceremony or one that might be extraordinarily unique. Giving guests something to reference when they sit down for the ceremony goes a long way: 1) to make guests feel included in the day and 2) to help them understand what's going on during the wedding ceremony. I'm not going to lie, I love the shows and I think they're the perfect place for couples to share messages with their guests and share anything that's particularly meaningful to them or their love story. Clear,creating your own wedding websitecan help with that too!

Well, here are some sample wedding ceremony scripts for your perusal! But before you start, just one really important thing to consider...


Examples of Wedding Ceremony Scripts You May Want to Borrow - Weddingchicks % (5)Photo: Photography by Alysha Miller

That's our most critical piece of advice, especially when you're reflecting on yourbiggest budget killer.People who don't show up to your ceremony (for no apparent reason, of course) don't deserve to party with you. And yes, it will happen. Trust us when we say this, because there will be people you'll notice aren't there. And these good guys aren't really okay, they suck👎. The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your big day and the happy ending that follows, so guests need to be there.for everything.

If only there was a way to make it abundantly clear that you expect your guests to be present for ALL parts of your wedding day, not just the dance floor and open bar... There could be; however, make your own custom invitations (we have manyFREE printables) and include small FYIs... if you wish.


Prepared byHeather Lee para Minted.com


Officiant: Please be seated.

First of all, I would like to start by welcoming everyone and thanking each one of you for being here on this very happy day. It is not by chance that each one of you is here today, and each one of you was invited to be here because you represent someone important in the individual and collective life of NAME and NAME.

I really can't think of a better place than _________ ["heaven" for a destination wedding, "this beautiful church" for a more religious event, etc.] for an occasion that I know isn't just monumental for the bride and groom -to-be, but for all of us lucky enough to know and love them as individuals; but even more like a perfect pairing.

The most memorable moment in life is when you meet the person who makes you feel complete. The person who makes the world a beautiful and magical place. The person with whom you share a bond so special that it transcends normal relationships and becomes something so pure and wonderful that you can't imagine spending another day of your life without them. For NAME, this was about 20 years ago when he met me and we became best friends [add some humor if your officiant is a friend]. But about X years ago he met NAME who is also wonderful. I know how much these two care and love each other deeply, and I feel privileged to be here with all of you today as a witness to your lifelong commitment to love one another.

I think I've been lucky enough to meet most of you here today at some point or another, but for those I haven't met, my name is [brief biographical information about how the officiant knows the couple].

The love story.

Officiant: Now, NAME and NAME have asked me to keep this speech short, elegant, and familiar, and have kindly asked me to omit any stories that are not flattering to either of them. So I had to change the stories about past cases... drugs or alcohol... encounters with the police... but I feel free to say, "I told you so." That's exactly what I said when I found out that NAME and NAME's relationship was getting serious.

(Video) Ring Ceremony Wedding ❤❤❤

As an outside observer of their developing love, it was pretty clear that the two represent a perfect match because they each complement each other so well. They balance each other out, and while each is a great individual on their own, together they are even better. And being better together, as a team, as a unit and as partners, is what has been building for many years and what leads us to be here today, witnessing your commitment to each other in front of those you love most.

I wish I could tell you a single story about NAME and NAME that sums up their relationship and how they enrich each other's lives and the lives of each of us, but the truth is that there is not a single event that is a good summary of what they mean to me, to others and to all of us. But what I do know is that they both care deeply and passionately about each other; they protect themselves; they make themselves laugh and think outside themselves; that time magically seems to fly and slow down when they're together. They help each other in ways that are obvious and unnoticed, but always appreciated.

I also know that it's not just anyone you can communicate with with just a glance, or remember the strangest names of Lyft drivers, or be surprised with reservations at a restaurant you've had your eye on for years, or say "I'm sorry . " ” whenever justified (... eventually). They do it for and with others.

But it is also my personal experiences with NAME and NAME that highlight the quality of their love. It doesn't matter if I'm with them in person or just in some weird text group with them, when I get involved with NAME and NAME I always have a good time. And I'm sure that's part of what makes them so special to each of us: how happy and content we feel when we're with them. And what I wish for them on their wedding day is for their team life to be one of complete satisfaction; filled with those moments that we wish would never end, and that continue to make us smile and laugh as each of us does.

So without further ado...

The votes.

Dear and Distinguished Guests:

We are gathered here to unite NAME and NAME in the union of marriage.

This contract must not be entered into lightly, but with consideration and seriousness, and with a thorough understanding of your obligations and responsibilities.

The boyfriends/girlfriends/girlfriend and boyfriend have prepared vows that you are going to read now.

[exchange votes]

Officiant: And now:

NAME, do you take NAME as your husband/wife?

Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him, abandoning all others and clinging to him alone forever?


And NAME, do you accept NAME as your husband/wife?

Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him, abandoning all others and clinging to him alone forever?


The rings.

Officiant: NAME and NAME will now exchange rings as a symbol of mutual love and commitment. Rings are a precious metal; they also become precious when you use them. Your wedding bands are special; they enhance who you are. They mark the beginning of their long journey together. Your wedding ring is a circle, a symbol of love that never ends. It's the seal of the vows you just made to love each other without end.

NAME, place the ring on NAME's left hand and repeat after me:

as a symbol of my love

[“As a sign of my love”]

that I chose you

[That I chose you”]

(Video) Wedding Resources You Should Be Using!

Above all

["Above all"]

With this ring I promised you.

[“With this ring, I marry you.”]

And NAME, place the ring on NAME's left hand and repeat after me:

as a symbol of my love

[“As a sign of my love”]

that I chose you

[That I chose you”]

Above all

["Above all"]

With this ring I promised you.

[“With this ring, I marry you.”]

The Good Wishes.

Officiant: To make your relationship work, you need love. Keep hanging out together. Take time to show each other that your love and marriage grows stronger with time.

It will take confidence to know that in their hearts they truly want the best for others.

It will take dedication to remain open to one another and to learn and grow together.

Loyalty will be needed to move forward together, not knowing exactly what the future holds.

And it will take commitment to stay true to the journey you two promised today.

The Declaration of Marriage / "The Kiss"

Officiant: And now, by the power conferred upon me by _______________, it is my honor and pleasure to pronounce you married. He goes out and lives each day to the fullest. You can seal this declaration with a kiss.


I am pleased to introduce the bride and groom, NAMES.

wedding script

byNina Calloway por The Fir Tree


Officiant: Welcome, family, friends and loved ones. We gather here today to celebrate the marriage of NAME and NAME. You have come here to share this formal commitment you have made to each other, to offer your love and support for this union, and to allow NAME and NAME to begin their married life together, surrounded by the people who are most dear and important to them. they. Welcome to each of you who have traveled near and far. NAME and NAME thank you for being here today and now I ask for your blessing, encouragement and lifelong support in your decision to marry.

Definition of Marriage.

Officiant: Marriage is perhaps the greatest and most challenging adventure in human relationships. No ceremony can create your marriage; only you can do it, through love and patience; for dedication and perseverance; talking and listening, helping, supporting and believing in each other; through tenderness and laughter; learn to forgive, learn to appreciate your differences and learn to make the important things matter and let the rest go. What this ceremony can do is witness and affirm the choice you make to remain together as partners and life partners.

Statement of intent.

Officiant: Will you, NAME, take this woman as your wife?

boyfriend: i will

Officiant: Will you, NAME, accept this man as your husband?

girlfriend: i will


Officiant: In the spirit of the importance of strong friendships to a marriage, NAME and NAME asked two friends to read selections about love that especially resonate with them. FIRST READING, followed by SECOND READING.

Community support.

Officiant: Two people in love do not live in isolation. Their love is a source of strength with which they can nurture not only each other, but the world around them. And in turn, we, their community of friends and family, have a responsibility to this couple. With our constant care, respect and love, we can support your marriage and the new family you are creating today.

Officiant: All please stand up. Will you who are here today wrap NAME and NAME in love, offering them the joys of your friendship and supporting them in their marriage?

We all go

Officiant: You may be seated.

Marriage votes.

Officiant: We have reached the point in your ceremony where you will say your vows to each other. But before you do, I ask you to remember that love, which is rooted in faith, trust and acceptance, will be the foundation of a deeper and lasting relationship. There are no ties more tender, no vows more sacred than those you now take. If you are able to fulfill the vows you take here today, not out of any religious or civic law, but out of a desire to love and be loved by another fully, without limitations, then your life will be filled with joy and the home you will live in . The establishment will be a place where both will find the direction of their growth, their freedom and their responsibility. Please now read the vows you wrote to each other.

Girlfriend and boyfriend: I NAME/NAME, take you NAME/NAME to be my husband/wife, my constant friend and companion, and my love. I will work to create a bond of honesty, respect and trust; one that weathers the tides of time and change and grows with us. I promise to honor and respect you for all that you are and will become, being proud of who we are, separately and together. I promise to challenge you and accept your challenges. I will join you and our community in an ongoing struggle to create a world we all want to live in, where love and friendship are recognized and celebrated in all their forms. Our homes will be a sanctuary and refuge for us and those we love. Above all, I will give you my love freely and unconditionally. I promise this from the bottom of my heart, for all the days of our lives.

Officiant: Can I have the rings, please?

Please repeat after me: I give you this ring as a daily reminder of my love for you.

Officiant: By the power of your love and commitment, and by the power given to me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! They can kiss!

modern wedding
ceremony script

Prepared byShutterfly Editors


Officiant: Good afternoon. NAME, NAME and I want to welcome you all to this beautiful day. It's thanks to all of you, thanks to this strong community, that [NAME] and [NAME]'s relationship has grown stronger and stronger and has led to this very moment. Thanks for being here, now let's get started.

[NAME] and [NAME], what you've accomplished here today is no small feat. Their journey began long before they sent out the invitations, chose this beautiful place, or even decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Their journey began the moment they met. You've taken the time to learn what makes the other person smile, what makes them laugh, and how best to support them when life isn't so simple. They welcomed each other's families, communities and longtime friends, bringing them together with warmth and enthusiasm. You built a new village with your love and you worked every day to support this village as it changes and grows.

Weddings bring difficult days as well as beautiful ones. This day is a reminder of what your love has already accomplished and the incredible possibilities of what you can continue to achieve and overcome in the many, many years to come.


Officiant: As per our reading today, [NAME] has asked her cousin to submit an original poem to honor her vows.

(Read to continue)

Marriage votes.

Officiant: [NAME] and [NAME], please join hands and repeat after me:

Couple: [NAME], I swear / I will dedicate my life from this day forward / to filling our days with beauty and joy. / I will celebrate your spirit and all your accomplishments / I will work to inspire you / and I will be here to remind you of your beauty and your strength./ I take you today as my partner/ my confidant/ my other half/ and I will love you for the rest of my life.

(The officiant turns to the other partner and repeats the vows)

Officiant: [NAME] and [NAME], are you partners, as of today, as husband and wife/husband and husband/wife and wife? Please yell a "We do!"

(The couple says "We do!")

Officiant: And to everyone here, do you promise to support this couple, remind them of their vows, and act as an example of love and family? Please yell a "We do!"

(Crowd says "We do!")

Ring Exchange.

Officiant: [NAME] and [NAME] chose these rings to represent the unbreakable circle of life and love. Place them on each other's ring fingers and repeat after me.

Couple: I give you this ring / to remind you of this day / when, before our closest community / we swear that our love surpasses all things / that our love unites, inspires and celebrates / and will continue to do so for rest of our lives.

Officiant: [NAME] and [NAME], it is with such joy that I now send you out into the world to spread the beautiful light you share with those around you. By the power vested in me, I now, for the first time, pronounce you married. Now kiss and go celebrate!


Examples of Wedding Ceremony Scripts You May Want to Borrow - Weddingchicks % (6)Wedding vow art: filterability

After the wedding, you can make your wedding vows incredibly personal and decorative.wedding vow artto display in your home or bedroom. You can find great ideas atbrother-in-lawyEtsy. If you are just beginning your planning process, make sure yousign upFor thewedding planning tools,find an officiant near youywedding inspiration.

Cannabis + Canvas: a bohemian inspiration for weeding the desert

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What does an officiant say at a wedding script? ›

Do you [Name], take this [woman/man/person] to be your lawfully wedded [husband/wife], to live together in matrimony, to love [her/him/them], comfort [her/him/them], honor and keep [her/him/them], in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live ...

How do you write a wedding ceremony script? ›

How to Write a Perfect Wedding Ceremony Script?
  1. Outline the Rituals. Every wedding has some sets of rituals. ...
  2. Start Early. ...
  3. Talk to Your Marriage Officiant. ...
  4. Write Your Vows Early. ...
  5. Structure Your Day. ...
  6. Help Your Attendees Connect. ...
  7. Involve the Guests. ...
  8. Read to Someone Before Finalizing.
Sep 23, 2021

What needs to be said during a wedding ceremony? ›

Exchange of Vows

Woman answers, "I do." Notary states, "Repeat after me." To the man: "I, (his name), take you (her name ), to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."

What does officiant say before I do? ›

The only things that are must-haves/requirements are the declaration of intent (i.e. the formal “I dos” and legal acknowledgement that 'yes, I want to marry this person, and yes, I'm here by choice” and the pronouncement, whereby the officiant confirms the two are officially married.

What does an officiant usually say? ›

These can include words of welcome, passages about marriage, sharing your love story and giving your guests instructions for after the ceremony.

How do I start an officiant speech? ›

When it comes to an impactful officiant speech, start with the specific and transition to the broad. The audience will want to know who you are and why you're up there. So, start by introducing yourself—briefly—and explain why you were chosen or how you know the couple.

What does the officiant say at a wedding before the vows? ›

Officiant: We are gathered here today to witness the sacred union of ________ and ________. We stand here to honor and celebrate the love shared between these two people, as they come together to start their new life with a solemn vow, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

What should you not say in a wedding vow? ›

9 Things You Should Never Include in Your Wedding Vows
  • #1: Do Not Include Gross Words… ...
  • #2: Do Not Mention Exes. ...
  • #3: Do Not Joke Too Much. ...
  • #4: Do Not Highlight Your Partner's Weaknesses or Vulnerabilities. ...
  • #5: Do Not Talk About Sex. ...
  • #6: Do Not Mention Your Divorce. ...
  • #7: Do Not Include Random Quotes.
Aug 17, 2020

Do you still say I do if you write your own vows? ›

Wedding vows can be recited in three different ways. If you and your partner write your own vows, you will be speaking directly to one another. Laura: “I, Laura, take thee, Susan.” Your third option to declare, “I do,” to your officiant who recites vows in a question-answer format.

What do you say at the end of a wedding ceremony? ›

Most wedding pronouncements end with the line, “You may now kiss the bride!” If that gives you the icks (and we totally get why it might), you don't have to include it. You can remove the line altogether or change it to: You may seal your promise/union/marriage with a kiss.

What is the best introduction for a wedding ceremony? ›

“Welcome to the most important day in the lives of [NAME] and [NAME].” “Today, promises have become permanent and friends have become family.” “Today is a celebration and we are here to celebrate with [NAME] and [NAME].” “Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion.”

Does the officiant say anything before the processional? ›

Normally there is a separate piece of music for the Bride's processional, and the officiant will usually say “If everyone will please rise,” in order to invite your guests to stand.

Who reads vows first? ›

What is referred to as the traditional order of vows is simply the way wedding ceremonies have been performed in a patriarchal religious society for centuries; the groom says his wedding vows first.

How long should a wedding officiant script be? ›

It's then the officiant's job to get the bride and groom ready for their journey ahead. This message can be anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the stories they tell and wisdom they inspire.

What does a non religious officiant say? ›

Welcome to the family and friends' speech

Acknowledge all of the wedding couple's family and friends. Let them know how important their presence is. Honour deceased family members and remember absent loved ones (optional). We have gathered today to unite the couple in marriage.

How long should a wedding ceremony script be? ›

The perfect length for a typical wedding ceremony is anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes. This is good enough to cover the most important elements, including readings, welcome remarks, exchange of vows, and the final pronouncement.

How does the officiant start the wedding? ›

Ceremony Kickoff

The wedding officiant takes the front with Partner 1 and Partner 1's party (down the aisle or from the side), and then the officiant makes some brief opening remarks. Welcome the guests. Announce whether photos are allowed. Ask guests to please turn phones to silent.

Who says I do first in a wedding? ›

Traditionally, the groom would say his vows first, followed by the bride, according to Nathan. However, there are no rules for that wedding tradition, and many couples now choose other ways to determine who goes first, particularly at LGBTQIA+ and nondenominational weddings.

What are some unique wedding vows? ›

You're my life's joy. You're my delicate rose. You're my life jacket when I feel like I'm drowning. You're my absolute favorite and greatest gift I've ever received.

What is the most important vow in marriage? ›

One of the most important vows that people tend to forget in marriage is the promise to honor one another. Honor is a fancy word for respect.

How do you not cry when reading your vows? ›

5 Tricks to Keep from Crying Throughout Your Entire Ceremony
  1. Practice Reciting Your Vows. ...
  2. Do a First Look. ...
  3. Think About Your Makeup. ...
  4. Reconsider the Music. ...
  5. Keep Your Vows Lighthearted.
Apr 12, 2020

What are the best wedding vows? ›

  • “I promise to love you and always be by your side, through all of the ups and downs.”
  • “I vow to always be faithful, and always be your best friend, no matter what the future might bring.”
  • “I promise to always root for you, cheer you on, and be your biggest fan.”
  • “I promise to love and support you.”

Can you just say I do for wedding vows? ›

"Can you just say 'I do' or do you have to repeat the marriage vow?" You have three basic options when it comes to your vows: Speak your vows yourselves, repeat your vows after your officiant, or say "I do" when your officiant asks you "Do you ...?" questions. There are sample wedding vows of each style.

Should you read or memorize wedding vows? ›

Once written, read through your vows out loud several times. You don't need to memorize them, but you should get comfortable. Reading the vows out loud will give you a sense of whether or not it sounds natural and if you should edit anything.

How do you end your own wedding vows? ›

Say thank you

With your personal wedding vows you also have the chance to say: “Thank you!” You can express how grateful you are for having each other and for the qualities that you love in one another: I take you to be my husband. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world today, to be marrying my best friend.

Who gives the last toast at a wedding? ›

The Best Man

The last speech on the agenda is the best man speech, which can follow the same format as the maid of honor speech. The best man can start by introducing himself, congratulating the couple, sharing a story about the groom and offering nice words about their new spouse.

What to do after the wedding kiss? ›

The recessional begins immediately after the first kiss and usually follows the reverse order of the processional. The newlyweds lead the way back down the aisle—but not before the maid of honor hands back the bouquets and straightens out the bride's gown and its train if needed.

What is the closing wedding prayer? ›

Closing Prayer

Our Father, we come here today asking for your blessing upon these two lives and this home being established. We are thankful for the love we see here and even more for the love we feel from You. May we never take this love for granted. We pray that Your love will be a shield for (Groom) and (Bride).

What is a short opening prayer for wedding? ›

Gracious God, our hearts are filled with great happiness on this the wedding day of NAME and NAME. They come before you, pledging their lives and their hearts to one another. Grant that they may be ever true and loving, living together in such a way as to never bring heartbreak into their marriage.

What is the typical processional order? ›

From walking down the aisle first to last, the traditional order is: Mother of Bride, Mother of Groom, Grandparents of Bride, Grandparents of Groom, Groom, Officiant, the Wedding Party, Maid of Honor and Best Man, Ring Bearer, Flower Girl and lastly the Bride and her Father.

What is the simple wedding processional order? ›

What order do people walk out in a wedding ceremony? In a traditional wedding ceremony, the processional begins with the bride's mother before the groom, best man, wedding party, flower girl, and ring bearer follow. The bride, who is escorted by her father, is the last to make her way down the aisle.

Do Officiants come to rehearsal dinner? ›

Your immediate families, the bridal party (including the parents of the flower girl and ring bearer, even if they're not in the wedding), any ceremony readers, and your officiant (plus his or her spouse, if married) should always be invited to the rehearsal dinner.

What does the officiant say at the end of a wedding? ›

Most wedding pronouncements end with the line, “You may now kiss the bride!” If that gives you the icks (and we totally get why it might), you don't have to include it. You can remove the line altogether or change it to: You may seal your promise/union/marriage with a kiss.

What does the officiant say at a non religious wedding? ›

Welcome to the family and friends' speech

Acknowledge all of the wedding couple's family and friends. Let them know how important their presence is. Honour deceased family members and remember absent loved ones (optional). We have gathered today to unite the couple in marriage.

Does the officiant say the vows? ›

Theoretically, they could still write their own and repeat after you, but typically the officiant provides the vows for this style.

What are the best opening words for a wedding ceremony? ›

1. Generic. Dear friends and family of the Bride and Groom, we welcome and thank you for being part of this important occasion. We are gathered together on this day to witness and celebrate the marriage of Name Of Bride and Name Of Groom.

What are closing words for wedding? ›

In closing: Groom and Bride as the two of you have joined this marriage uniting as husband and wife, and as you this day affirm your faith and love for one another, I would ask that you always remember to cherish each other as special and unique individuals, that you respect the thoughts, ideas and suggestions of one ...

What are opening words for wedding? ›

Welcome to the most important day in the lives of [NAME] and [NAME].” “Today, promises have become permanent and friends have become family.” “Today is a celebration and we are here to celebrate with [NAME] and [NAME].” “Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion.”

Who puts the ring on first in a wedding? ›

Traditionally, the groom goes first in the exchange of rings. Although most couples choose to follow tradition, there's no rule that says you can't switch things up. If one of you is more comfortable than the other in front of an audience, then you might want that person to go first, so the other will be less nervous.

What is a simple opening wedding prayer? ›

Gracious God, our hearts are filled with great happiness on this the wedding day of NAME and NAME. They come before you, pledging their lives and their hearts to one another. Grant that they may be ever true and loving, living together in such a way as to never bring heartbreak into their marriage.

How do I make my wedding not boring? ›

11 Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Isn't Boring
  1. Make introductions at the rehearsal. ...
  2. Stick to the schedule. ...
  3. Don't let guests go hungry. ...
  4. Plan an exit strategy. ...
  5. Consider your venue. ...
  6. Work your seating chart. ...
  7. Put a time limit on toasts. ...
  8. Bring in the entertainment.

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