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Whiskybase Terms and Conditions


Whiskybase B.V. ("Whiskybase", "we" or "us", company information below) provides an online platform for whiskey enthusiasts, offering its members access to the most comprehensive, transparent and reliable source of whiskey bottles and enabling and encouraging its members to contribute to the whiskey supply of information about bottles on the Platform ("Service").

These General Terms ("OU") and our Privacy Policy ("Data protection’) apply to your (‘you’, ‘Member’) use of the Service (including visits to Whiskybase websites).

By using our website and registering for the Service, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you have read and accept the Terms and agree to them.

Our service, age restrictions

Our service is an online platform that provides members with information (eg bottle facts, market indices, market values ​​and prices) about (primarily) whiskey and allows members to add information to the platform. We do not sell any alcoholic products, nor does the service offer the possibility of purchase.

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Each Member must be of legal legal age in their country of residence to use the Service. If no such law exists in the Member's country of residence, the Member must be over 21 years of age to use the Service. We have the right to ask you for proof of age and/or additional identification to prevent use by minors and/or for any other legal or legitimate reason. By using the Service and creating an account, you represent, warrant and confirm that you are of legal age.

You acknowledge that the Service is protected by copyright and database rights. The Service and your account are for your personal use only and may not be shared with third parties. We grant registered members a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable right to access and use the service and to view its content ("License"). Without limiting the foregoing, the License does not include (a) the right to resell or commercially exploit the Service (unless expressly permitted by the applicable subscription plan), (b) the right to make the Service publicly available or publicly displayed, (c) downloading, reproduction or copying, collecting and using any content of the Services, eg B. bottle information, descriptions, ratings, observations of retail and subsequent prices, values, etc., (d) the right to license, use, sell, archive, reproduce, distribute, modifying, performing, publishing, creating derivative works from it and offering to sell or use the service. Further, you may not circumvent, remove, modify, disable, derogate or circumvent any content protection, decompile, reverse engineer or reverse engineer the Service and any software related to or used in the Disassembly Service.

Without prejudice to the "Liability" section below, the Service may be temporarily unavailable during maintenance, upgrades, etc. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you of any unavailability due to maintenance or updates.

Member registration and accounts

You must create an account to use our service. The following personal information is required: username, valid email address, country of residence and password. If you wish, you can provide additional personal information. Please read oursData protectionHere you can find more information about our use and processing of your personal data.

You are responsible for all activity through your account. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide us in connection with your account and for updating it as necessary. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts. We may terminate or temporarily suspend your account to protect you, us or our partners from (alleged) identity theft or other (alleged) fraudulent (eg fraudulent, fraudulent, fraudulent) activity. You are obliged to treat your access data confidentially. You may not allow others to use or access your account.


You can cancel your account at any time. If you terminate your account, you will no longer have access to the Service and your Contributions (see below), if any. We do not provide backup copies of your posts. To cancel your account, log into your account, go to the "settings page" and follow the cancellation instructions. If you cancel your subscription, your account will be automatically closed.

We reserve the right to disable, suspend and/or terminate your account immediately and without notice if you fail to comply with the Terms, act illegally, act in bad faith or use the Service, or if you do so. To the Services, to other members, to other people, or to us. You will be notified of deactivation, suspension or termination via the email address associated with your account.

Member Conduct and Member Contributions

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We do not allow the sale and/or purchase of products between members through the Service, such as private messages. If you want to sell or buy products, please contact Whiskybase Market.

Regardless of whether the Service offers a Contribution feature, you are solely responsible for all content and information that you create, upload, post, publish, link to, duplicate, transmit, record, display or otherwise make available on the Service to other members, such as which are chat messages, text messages, videos, sound, audio recordings, music, images, photographs, text and any other information or materials, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted ("Contributions").

You may not contribute any discriminatory, racially offensive, abusive, insulting, threatening, intimidating, inaccurate, incomplete, obscene, vulgar, harassing or illegal material and/or other submissions that violate or may violate or may violate any of the rights that violate any any third party, including intellectual and industrial property rights, rights to privacy and publicity. Furthermore, any intentional or unintentional manipulation of information on the service (eg reviews) or any activity intended to change such information, values ​​or reviews of any product (eg bottles, brands, distilleries, bottling plants or stores) is prohibited. not allowed to influence. Contacting members to sell or buy products or soliciting other members to sell or buy bottles outside of our affiliate platform Whiskybase Market will be considered a breach of these Terms and will result in the termination of your account, without prejudice to any other rights we may have under these Terms. and are regulated by law.

You acknowledge, understand and agree that we have no obligation to review, audit or monitor any Submission, but we may do so. In addition, we may (without notice and for any reason) modify, delete or alter, in whole or in part, any Submission that, in our sole discretion and discretion, violates these Terms, is illegal, or harms you in any way , Members, us, the Service or third parties.

You hereby grant to us (including our parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, (sub)licensees, assigns, successors and authorized third party contractors) a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited in all respects, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free and fully paid-up right , the right and license to reproduce, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, make available, perform, use, store, record, reproduce, adapt, alter, modify, create derivative works of, or otherwise create any of your Submissions (including any exploitation of any previous Contributions you have already published/created on the Service (and any previous version thereof)) in any way, whether now known or later developed, including but not limited to any means and media limited to, the Internet and websites, print, magazines, books, mobile applications, games, advertisements, etc. We have the right to transfer, assign to us the license that you have granted to us, or grant licenses and sublicenses to our licensees or grant them a sublicense to the holders licenses to all other parties.

You hereby represent and warrant that you are authorized to make Contributions and that your Contributions and our use will not infringe the rights of any third party. You will (at our option) defend, indemnify and hold harmless us and our parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, (sub)licensees, assigns, successors and authorized third party contractors from and against any loss, damage, claim, liability or expense (including reasonable). outside attorneys' fees and costs) actually incurred as a result of a third-party claim for breach or alleged breach of your obligations, representations and warranties set forth herein.


Nothing in the Terms excludes our liability for misrepresentation or for death or personal injury caused by our gross negligence or willful misconduct on our part.

We have created the Service for informational purposes only for members and are based on information we believe to be reliable. We obtain the content of the Service from a number of different third party sources (including Contributions), but we do not endorse, represent, warrant or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of the Services and any information contained therein.

The Service, including all information contained therein, does not constitute advice (such as but not limited to investment, tax, financial or business advice) and is not intended as a recommendation (whether personal, general or otherwise) for any investment in any which company, products, services. Any investment or purchase or any action taken pursuant (in) the Services can and will involve significant risk (eg, but not limited to loss, total loss). Past "performance" (eg, values, ratings, etc.) of products (eg, bottle, keg) and companies (eg, distillery) listed on the Services is not an indication of future results, another guarantee.

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Before making any decision (e.g. purchase, investment) based on the Service, you should consider seeking professional/expert advice on the matter from a third party and should consider making such decision in light of (among other things) what is appropriate and practicable for your financial state and situation, your specific knowledge/experience on the subject in question (eg products, company).

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we expressly disclaim all warranties and representations with respect to the Services, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to, all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, virus - free of charge, the accuracy or completeness of the responses or results of using the services, that the services meet certain requirements, that the services are available or uninterrupted, secure or error-free. You acknowledge and agree that the Service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

Neither Whiskybase nor any of its group companies (including subsidiaries, affiliates or holding companies), directors, officers and employees shall have any responsibility or liability (whether direct, indirect, consequential) for any costs, claims, damages, liabilities or any other costs, including any consequential damages you may suffer as a result of using the service.

the rest

From time to time, we may, but are not obligated to, release new functions and tools or other features to the Service. All new functionality, tools and features are included in the Terms and are governed by them from the time they are introduced and/or available. In addition, we reserve the right to modify, change, discontinue, add or remove features, update the Service and change its appearance, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, at any time.

We may change or update the Terms from time to time. You will be notified of any changes through the Service and/or by email. Your continued use of the Service after such changes or updates become effective will constitute your acknowledgment and (if any) acceptance of such changes or updates.

We may sell, license, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of the Service (including Members) to third parties without notice, e.g. B. (without limitation) in connection with any reorganization, reorganization, merger or sale or other transfer of assets.

If any provision of these Terms is held invalid, the remaining Terms will remain in full force and effect.

If we choose not to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms, that decision will not constitute a waiver of that right or provision.

Your use of the Service does not create a partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship.

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Unless otherwise provided by binding applicable law, your use of and membership in the Service is governed solely by Dutch law. First, we will try to resolve any whiskey sipping disputes. Disputes that cannot be resolved over multiple glasses of whiskey will be submitted exclusively to the courts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, unless otherwise provided by applicable law.

About Whiskybase and contact details

Whiskybase B.V. is a Dutch limited liability company with its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and its office at Zwaanshals 530, 3035 KS Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Whiskybase B.V. is registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 52072819.

You can send all questions, requests and inquiries to the following address:


or to:

Whiskybase B.V.
Danger. Customer service
Schwanenhals 530
3035 KS Rotterdam


Version 2.0, July 2022


How is Whisky rated? ›

Smooth berries mouthfeel. Honey, granola notes, oaky and sweet barnyard on the palate.
Scoring Guidelines.
NO THANKS 0-49Will not drink.
GOOD 70-79Will enjoy drinking again; at the high end they are very good.
GREAT 80-89Will drink with great pleasure.
WOW 90-99Will savour every drop.
2 more rows

What is whiskey base? ›

Whiskey is made of a mash of fermented grains, typically barley, rye, or wheat. The mash is then distilled to create the spirit. Depending on the type of whiskey being made, the distillation process may vary slightly, but the basic steps are generally the same.

What is whisky made of? ›

The three main ones are grain, water, and yeast, with the former in particular varying based on geographical origin and style of whiskey. In the broadest sense, whiskey is simply a spirit distilled from a fermented grain mash.


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