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This easy-to-use product contains a combination of antifreeze-compatible sodium silicate sealing fluid and a variety of sealing particles that penetrate cracks and crevices and harden to permanently stop leaks. It's the go-to technology for damaged, leaking or blown head gaskets, and with over two million bottles sold, you can count on its effectiveness. We have a team of world-class chemical engineers who are constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve our existing products. As car manufacturers introduce new technologies, we offer new products that help everyday drivers save time and money with fast and efficient solutions.


Protect from frost.

  1. Allow the engine to cool down. Make sure the engine is cool enough to safely remove the radiator cap.
  2. Shake well. Pour the head gasket attachment directly into the radiator. Use 1/2 bottle when used in a small cooling system including all 3 and 4 cylinder engines.ADVICE: If there is no direct access to the radiator and the overflow tank is pressurized, you can install it in the tank.
  3. Fill the radiator and overflow tank to the correct level and replace the radiator cap. Start the engine.
  4. Turn on the heater and fan to maximum.
  5. Let the engine idle for 15 minutes.
  6. Turn off the engine and let it cool down.
  7. Recharge (top off) the radiator and leave the head gasket fixing in the cooling system to continue providing protection. Drive the vehicle as usual. Many leaks plug instantly, but some may take several days to become operative.

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Blown Head Gasket Repair | Head Gasket Repair Fluid | The rods are leaking (9)


  • Compatible with antifreeze
  • Simple installation - no expertise required
  • Over 2 million bottles sold

If the word "blown head gasket" makes you nervous, we've got you covered. We know firsthand that it takes a lot of change and a few days without the car to fix a blown head gasket. Who has time to take their car to the shop for a blown head gasket? And who has enough money to pay for a blown head gasket without thinking first? No, going to the shop to repair a blown head gasket is not ideal. But what if we told you that you can fix the problem yourself with one of the most reliable head gasket solutions on the planet?

Our easy-to-use Rod Head Gasket Repair Tool will not only save you tons of money, but get you back on the road in less than an hour. At Bar's Leaks, we specialize in developing chemical repair solutions that are quick, easy, effective and affordable. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at a repair shop, spend just a few dollars - and all without the inconvenience.

Using our head gasket repair fluid is easy. Just follow Bobby and Caitlin in our how-to video to get your car back on the road safely and quickly. There is no reason why a blown head gasket should ignore your life.


For nearly 70 years, Bar's Leaks has provided car owners with effective solutions to complicated problems such as blown head gaskets and leaks associated with engine oil, power steering, cooling systems, transmissions and more. Designed and manufactured right here in the USA, just an hour outside of Detroit, each product promises easy application and incredible results. While there are other head gasket repair fluids on the market, other products don't always fix the problem - and sometimes can make it worse.

As America's most recognized chemical repair brand, we pride ourselves on offering the best blown head gasket repair possible. When you need a head gasket repair fluid you can trust to get the job done, look to a company that has successfully served the needs of tens of millions of customers for decades. Trust Bar's Leaks and our range of head gasket repair fluids and other products.

Find out where to get your blown head gasket repaired today.

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102 reviews

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102 reviews

Jason E.

May 16, 2023

vonJason E.

The product is worth it, period

I used this product on a 1998 Honda Civic EX with a D16Y8 engine and a blown head gasket. I followed the instructions exactly as explained in detail with one small leak. I currently have 2500 miles on this repair. This product is more than satisfactory and I am extremely satisfied, thank you.

Steve K.

August 18, 2022

vonSteve K.

This brand is a berry! 👍

I have had a number of vehicles in which I have tried several "miracles in a bottle". I never had a moment of happiness. This brand is a berry. I solved the problem as described. Save me a small fortune. great thing

Brad G.

August 17, 2022

vonBrad G.

I love the product, it has saved me a lot of money

Just wanted to let you know that my head gasket on my 1998 F150 started leaking and cost $2000 to repair. I used your product and ran the truck for an hour to be safe and the leak was completely fixed. I love the product, it has saved me a lot of money. Thank you.

Zachary M.

August 15, 2022

vonZachary M.

Definitely a lifesaver

I used the 1111 leaky rod head gasket repair on a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer. Although it wasn't a complete fix, it made a very noticeable difference in performance, especially when starting my car. I was able to drive long distances without any problems, even in the heat and on big climbs. It was a lifesaver, it held me by the ends until I was able to rebuild the engine. Definitely a 5 star product.

Bret B.

August 15, 2022

vonBret B.

It worked well and saved me time and money

I used the product Head Gasket Fix (1111) when a small area was affected by a blown head gasket. It's pretty easy to follow the instructions and in my case it worked well saving me time and money instead of replacing the head gasket myself. If you have a small leak that Bar's Leaks products can fix, I would definitely recommend using them first before spending money that you may not really need. 5/5 this time.

Tim W.

August 12, 2022

vonTim W.

Voila, no more leaking head gaskets

I had a leaking head gasket on my Pontiac Grand Am.

I had to keep adding antifreeze so I tried Fix 1111 rod head gasket and voilà, no more leaking head gaskets.

The thing works fine. No complaints here.

Ed D.

August 12, 2022

vonEd D.

Take it from a former auto mechanic

My Chevy S10 pickup truck with the 2.2 liter engine had a head gasket leak on cylinder 4, this was in the winter and I didn't have a shop to fix it. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I bought a Bar's Leaks' Head Gasket. Repair 1111" hoping for a temporary fix...two years later I was still driving the truck! I am a former auto mechanic and can honestly say that Bar's Leaks work!


August 11, 2022


never let me down

I HAVE USED LEAK BLOCK AND HEAD SEAL REPAIR on many older and also newer trucks and cars that I only planned to take apart later to replace parts when I had a problem in the off season. I HAVE BEEN GETTING MANY VEHICLES ALSO WITH ALUMINUM BLOCKS AND HEADS. I have always followed the instructions on the packaging of the product you are using. Go one step at a time and he has always solved my problems with my vehicles. I HAVE USED YOUR RADIATOR, POWER STEERING AND TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS AND NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER FAILED ME.

Lee N.

August 11, 2022

vonLee N.

I used product #1111 Head Gasket Fix. It slowed my coolant usage down for a bit, but didn't stop it completely. Coolant consumption is back to pre-use levels, but I believe the head gasket was too damaged to begin with.

Bar's Leaks Response: Hey Lee, yes, that probably happened. If the seal is too damaged, no chemical tool can create a permanent seal. As you've seen, a leak can be fixed for a while (sometimes even for a long time), but acute damage eventually means you have to do a physical (hard) repair.

William C.

August 11, 2022

vonWilliam C.

Saved me from an expensive repair

Head gasket repair check

There was some water in the oil - I used a head gasket repair. No more water! Very happy.

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